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Playback Speeds (Downcast for iOS 2.8.26/Mac 1.1.5 and earlier)

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2015 07:42PM EST
For playback speeds supported by more recent versions of Downcast click here.

Downcast supports several playback speeds and allows a default speed to be set globally as well as per-podcast subscription. The podcast episode player view contains a play speed button that, when tapped, will cycle through all available playback speeds. Additionally, tapping and holding on the play speed button will present a list of available speeds for quickly selecting another speed.

Although each playback speed has a label, such as "2X", this label may not reflect the actual speed multiplier of that setting. Below are the actual playback speeds for each label.
v2.8.14 (iOS), v1.0.9 (Mac) & earlier
Label Actual Speed
.5x .8x
1x 1x
1.5x 1.25x
2x 1.5x
3x 2x
v2.8.15 (iOS), v1.0.10 (Mac) and later
Label Actual Speed
.5x .5x
1x 1x
1.25x 1.25x
1.5x 1.5x
2x 2x
3x 3x

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