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Change Log (iOS)

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2016 08:12AM EST
v2.9.12 (Awaiting Review)
    ​Bug Fixes
      Fixes iCloud syncing issue leading to deletions
    • Fixes temp freeze on activation
    • Fixes continuous play issue
    • Fixes issue with decoding descriptions of some episodes
    • No longer showing notices when VO is running
    • Improves refreshing of content on CarPlay

  • Bug Fixes
    • ​Fixes continuous play bug
    • Fixes manual playlist issue with continuous play
    • Fixes buffering notice issue
    • Fixes text on crash report alert sheet
    • Fixes issue with pausing in the background when using Chromecast

  • Enhancements
    • CarPlay support!
    • Play position scrubber usability improvements
      • Scrubber repositioned to extend to full width of screen
      • Clearer chapter tick marks
      • Indicates start/finish indention times if using that setting
      • Touch anywhere along the scrubber to control it
      • Increased touch area for easier access
      • VO - Double tap play position scrubber to jump to specific time
      • VO - Improved announcement for play position scrubber
    • Improves resuming of downloads
    • Performance & battery consumption improvements
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixes iCloud sync issue leading to deletion of local episodes
    • VO - Fixes magic tap gesture
    • Fixes random disabling of play/pause command
    • Fixes continuous play issues
    • Fixes issue causing video not to display on external screens
    • Fixes issue with transitioning to video episodes causing Downcast to pause
    • Fixes now playing info not being cleared from lock screen/control center
    • Fixes a few layout issues on player view
    • Fixes issue causing sleep timer to reset to 1min
    • Improves interactivity of URL textfield on the import UI
    • Import UI now remembers last destination podcast choice

  • Enhancements
    • Ability to further support Downcast's development by leaving tips (on iPhone: More tab -> Support Downcast, on iPad: Gear Icon -> Support Downcast)
    • Memory/CPU/Battery Usage improvements
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issues with syncing episode information after subscribing to a podcast
    • Fixes issue with perpetually loading video player when episodes advertise themselves as having video tracks but actually do not.
    • Fixes issue with streaming playback stopping when internet connection is lost but there is still buffered content.
    • Fixes issue where player would stall with 'Buffering...' notice visible and never finish loading the episode.
    • Fixes issue continuous play issues
    • Fixes issue leading to auto-play during a background refresh
    • Fixes link detection in show notes in player view
    • Fixes issue with status bar text color after clean install
    • Fixes issue that could leave you stuck on the splash screen following a crash in the last session

v2.9.7 - Available in App Store
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes continuous play issue when playing from a playlist.
    • Fixes issue where pull-to-refresh control did not appear for some podcasts when viewing their episode list.
    • Fixes several crash conditions.
    • More improvements to handling of remote control commands.
    • Improves performance of player view when first transitioning to it and when transitioning to a streaming episode.
    • Improves handling of scroll offset for episode details on the player view after rotating device.

v2.9.6 - Available in App Store
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes playback issue on iOS 8
    • Fixes remote control issue with play/pause command
    • Small improvement to loading of streamed episodes

v2.9.5 - Available in App Store
  • Improvements
    • Layout improvements, increases height of bottom controls when artwork is not zoomed
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issues with control center/lock screen/remote control events
    • Further improvements to global swipe gesture
    • Fixes remote control (control center, headphone commands, etc)
    • Fixes Airplay related issues when transitioning between episodes
    • Fixes issue where audio began playing prior to video being visible
    • Fixes brief stutter when first showing video
    • Fixes several crashes
    • Fixes performance issue for massive playlists
    • Showing images again for player view gesture notices
    • Fixes control size when viewing video in landscape
    • Fixes resolution issues on iPad Pro
    • Reduces battery consuption
    • No longer hiding video controls when Voice Over is running.
v2.9.4 - Available in App Store
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issues with control center/lock screen/remote control events
    • Fixes issue with incorrect locks screen/control center icons when Media Skip is enabled
    • Fixes global swipe back gresture on player when gestures are disabled
    • Fixes Voice Over labels for Add/Downloads/Settings/Refresh buttons on iPad player view.
    • Fixes pausing/resuming for navigation directions
    • Fixes rotation bug on player view during feed refresh
    • Restores Social Media/Stats info to settings TOC view on iPad
    • Fixes issue with continuous play
    • Fixes crash when finishing episode using Google Cast
    • Fixes Airplay related issues
v2.9.3 - Available in App Store
  • Enhancements
    • Completely replaced all playback related code, modernized the player interface, unified the audio/video/Google Cast player views. This should reduce bugs and make adding features much easier going forward.
    • When streaming a downloading episode, playback switches to the downloaded episode when the download completes.
    • In iOS 9, audio will now be paused by apps with occasional audio (driving directions, exercise apps, etc) and resumed after that audio plays. This requires other apps to support this type of interaction.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issues with control center/lock screen/remote control events
    • Fixes several problems with Google Cast support and added support for audio only devices.
    • Reduces battery consumption caused by updating Watch app too frequently.
    • Fixes a few issues caused by bugs in iOS 9.2 (out of sync Download badge/table, broken Search for Podcasts view)
v2.9.1 - 9/15/15 
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue in watch app where 'Other Available Episodes' button may not be visible.
    • Fixes a few issues on the import UI - Restores the Select All/None button.
    • Fixes issue causing video episodes to play when app is brought to foreground.
    • Fixes issue causing other app audio to always be silenced when bringing app to foreground.
    • Fixes issue with difficult to tap downloads button on iPad
    • Fixes voice over issue where "Elapsed Time" and "Remaining Time" weren't announced on the video player
    • Fixes visual issue with elapsed time/remaining time labels causing the progress slider's width to jump back and forth
    • Fixes issue with Played/Empty visibility buttons on iPad
    • Reduces duplication of podcast title when viewing either podcast details or episode details.
v2.9.0 - 8/26/15 - (Available in App Store)
  • Enhancements
    • Apple Watch support!
    • You can now specify the name of the new podcast to create when importing media files.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue where enabling iCloud would only restore a few podcasts at a time.
    • Fixes issue with blank podcast title when importing media files into a new podcast.
    • Fixes issue with import/opening of some podcast feed schemes.
    • Fixes issue with Show/Hide played/empty podcasts button disappearing.
    • Fixes issue with Downcast not showing up in "Open In..." dialog when trying to open media files from other apps.
v2.8.36 - 7/31/15 - (Available in App Store)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue preventing Downcast from importing OPML

v2.8.35 - 7/29/15 - (Available in App Store)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes encoding issues causing special characters in episode titles and notes to be stripped.
    • Fixes crash during background refresh.
    • Potential fix for subscription duplication.
    • Fixes sort order for most feeds that publish multiple episodes with the exact same publication date. If this actually *breaks* your per-day sorting of feeds like this, try reversing your sort order.  We'll be introducing a secondary sort setting to completely fix this issue for all feeds.

v2.8.34 - 7/2/15 - (Available in App Store)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue preventing podcast artwork from showing up right after subscribing to a new podcast
    • Fixes VoiceOver issues related to the start/finish time indention settings
    • Fixes VoiceOver issue preventing adjustment of play position slider in video player
v2.8.33 - 6/14/15 - (Available in App Store)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue where partially played episodes were also counted as unplayed.
    • Fixes potential crash when choosing to download all episodes in a list.
    • Fixes issues with sorting the list of playlists.
v2.8.32 - June 1st, 2015 (Available in App Store - iTunes Link)
  • Enhancements
    • UI improvements for the table rows in the podcasts list. The disclosure triangle has been removed to provide more space for the title and un-clutter the row. The episode summary label is now aligned to the bottom so it looks intentional.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue causing video player controls not to become visible when tapped screen is tapped if Downcast’s Gestures setting is disabled.
    • Fixes issue during video playback causing video to permanently disappear when a notification appears
    • Fixes issue with zoomed artwork not shrinking down while in landscape
    • Fixes issue causing Facebook app to crash when tapping Facebook link on More tab
    • Fixes issue with play position slider on iPad not being accessible
    • Fixes issue preventing the pull to refresh UI from keeping its “Refreshed on” label up to date.
v2.8.31 - May 6th, 2015 (Available in App Store as of 5/14/15 - iTunes Link)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes battery usage issue with episodes containing chapters
    • Fixes issue causing episode description to be hidden when beginning playback in landscape while on an iPhone 5+
    • Fixes pausing issue when dismissing video podcast when just playing the audio
    • Fixes issue preventing playback speed action menu from displaying when holding the button down in the video player
    • Fixes issue where playback starts at 0:00 for played episodes.
    • Fixes issue preventing deletion from the download queue.
    • Fixes potential crash when downloading episodes
v2.8.30 - May 5th, 2015
  • New Features
    • Skip annoying intros with new settings for start/finish times for episodes.
    • Adds 1Password support for pre-filling credentials for protected feeds.
    • Player Actions button is now removable in global settings
  • Enhancements
    • Player actions button is now an icon only and hidden by default on devices smaller than iPhone 6.
    • Performance improvements.
    • Improved handling of feeds that aren't encoded correctly.
  • Enhancements
    • Fixes a handful of crashes
    • Fixes truncated "Last Refreshed on..." text
    • Fixes accessibility of player play position slider
    • Fixes issues with extraction of ID3 chapters
    • Fixes issue with zoomed artwork on iPad
v2.8.29 - April 23rd, 2015
  • New Features
    • Adds in-list searching within the podcast, episodes, and playlist episodes lists
  • Enhancements
    • Adds "Actions" menu to player view
    • Removes annoying prompt that appeared while in Airplane Mode
    • iCloud syncing improvements to reduce chances of unintended deletes
    • Minor UI Improvements
    • Fixes issues with sporadically ignored sort settings
  • Enhancements
    • Fixes background refreshing
    • Fixes issues with loading feed via downcast:// URL scheme
    • Fixes UI glitches when returning from background
    • Fixes issues with enlarging/shrinking artwork on player view
    • Fixes memory consumption during episode info synchronization
    • Fixes order of accessibility announcement of episode row contents in iOS 8.3
v2.8.28 - Mar 5th, 2015
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue with sorting by time remaining
    • Fixes crash related to ID3 chapter extraction
    • Fixes several other potential crashes
    • Fixes issue with parsing some feeds containing invalid characters
    • Fixes issues with crash reporting for startup related crashes
v2.8.27 - January 29th, 2015
  • Enhancements
    • Adds support for additional playback speeds: 2.25x, 2.5x, and 2.75x. The full list of supported speeds is 0.5x, 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.25x, 2.5x, 2.75x, and 3x. (more info)
    • Adds new global & podcast specific setting for configuring the speeds available when cycling playback speeds by tapping the player's speed button.
    • Help button on the More tab now shows options for viewing online help, submitting your log file, and updating your crash reporting preferences.
v2.8.26 - November 19, 2014
  • Reimplemented an iCloud syncing improvement that was originally released in v2.8.24.
v2.8.25 - November 7, 2014
  • Removed an iCloud syncing improvement from v2.8.24 that was causing UI freezing/crashing on app activation
v2.8.24 - November 2, 2014
  • Improvements to iCloud syncing
v2.8.23 - October 24, 2014
  • More comprehensive fix for issue that would cause a crash if the Podcast Player and podcast episode list or playlist were set as the startup views
v2.8.22 - October 15, 2014
  • Fixed issue that would cause a crash if the Podcast Player and podcast episode list or playlist were set as the startup views
  • Improved performance loading podcast episode list and playlist episodes when there is a large number of podcast subscriptions
v2.8.21 - October 11, 2014
  • Resolved issues with swipe-to-delete in iOS 8 (starting the swipe-to-delete gesture on or near the episode details ("i") button would prevent the gesture from being recognized)
  • Fixed issue that would cause Downcast to be terminated in the background during background app refresh sessions
  • Fixed issue that would cause episode playback to continue during an incoming call over Bluetooth in some cases
  • Episode show notes are no longer hidden when in landscape mode on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • Reverted the sleep timer view back to dark mode (iPhone/iPod Touch only)
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes
v2.8.20 - September 21, 2014
  • iOS 8 compatibility
  • 64-bit support
  • New method for sharing podcast and episode information
    • To support iOS extensions, Downcast now uses the built-in iOS sharing feature. This means that support for sharing to some services will require installing apps for those services and enabling their extensions.
  • "Share" views are no longer dismissed when playback ends
  • New sound effects
  • Sounds effects are now decoupled from local notifications (sound effects can now be played even if their associated local notification is disabled)
  • New local notifications
    • New Episodes Summary (was "Feed Refreshing")
    • New Episodes (now displays a notification for episodes discovered from each podcast)
  • Dropped support for iOS 6 (minimum supported iOS version is 7.1)
  • Enable "Remote Media Skip" by default
  • "Skip" button images are now used on the iOS lock screen and Control Center when "Remote Media Skip" is enabled
  • Prevent inadvertent navigation to next/previous episode when "Remote Media Skip" is enabled
  • A red "play" status icon is used to more clearly indicate the "now playing" episode in podcast episode lists and playlists
  • Fix for intermittently unresponsive media skip buttons
  • Fix for issue that could prevent feed refreshing during some Background App Refresh sessions
  • Allow time for iCloud syncing during Background App Refresh sessions
  • Prevent loss of play position when a media playback error occurs
  • Fix for issue that could prevent resuming episode downloads from servers that don't indicate the total size of the downloading file
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
v2.8.19 - July 22, 2014
  • Fixed bug that prevented feeds from refreshing when tapping the Podcast list's title view on iPad
  • Added support for opening URLs in Google Chrome
  • Set episode file size when importing media files
  • Miscellaneous UI updates
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes
v2.8.18 - April 28, 2014
  • Fixed bug that prevented fast forwarding/reversing when streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay
  • Fixed bug that could reset an episode's play position after a playback error
  • Fixed bug that prevented the "Automatic Screen Locking" setting from being correctly applied
  • Fixed bug that prevented the "Media Backup" setting from being correctly applied
  • Fixed issue that caused horizontal scrolling in podcast/episode descriptions
  • Fixed incorrect episode description displayed when streaming via Google Cast
  • Improved formatting of text when sharing via SMS/iMessage/Text Message
v2.8.17 - April 4, 2014
  • Fixed crash when launching in the background on iPad (background app refresh, location-based feed refreshing)
  • Improved location of Google Cast button on iPad
  • The "Feed Refreshing" local notification is disabled by default for new installations
  • The "New Episodes" local notification is disabled by default for new installations
  • Fixed bug that allowed disabling the "New Episodes" local notification when the "Feed Refreshing" local notification was enabled
v2.8.16 - March 31, 2014
  • Allow marking non-local episodes as played/unplayed
  • Improved feed refreshing performance when refreshing in the background
  • Ignore/hide Javascript embedded in episode show notes
  • Prevent episode details from being displayed when swiping to delete
  • Minor UI updates for iOS 7/7.1
  • Fixed bug preventing podcast sort setting from being applied on startup (iPad only)
  • Fixed bug preventing the hidden status of the played/empty podcast group from being applied on startup (iPad only)
v2.8.15 - March 7, 2014
  • Added support for Google Cast™
  • Added options for sorting episodes by file size and playback time remaining
  • Added episode disk usage to the podcast details view
  • Fixed missing percent signs (%) in local notifications
  • Fixed disabled details buttons on episode rows due to cell reuse after episode deletion
  • Fixed issues parsing dates for some podcast feeds
  • Updated playback speeds
  • Improved performance extracting/importing mp4, wav, and aif files from the iOS media library
  • Dropped support for iOS 5
  • The "refreshed" date/time is now updated in the background after all podcasts have been refreshed (previously, the date/time was only updated when all podcasts were refreshed during a single refresh cycle)
v2.8.14 - December 11, 2013
  • Fix for crash when using external playback controls (Control Center, lock screen, external devices) in iOS 7.1
v2.8.13 - November 21, 2013
  • Fix for UI bug caused by quickly tapping rows in the podcast subscriptions list and playlists list (iPad)
  • Fix for bug in v2.8.12 that caused the iOS swipe back gesture to be disabled
  • The episode chapter list now obeys the portrait lock setting (iPhone/iPod Touch)
v2.8.12 - November 17, 2013
  • Fix for infinite "Preparing" notification in the podcast player (iPad)
  • Fix for disabled "i" buttons on rows in the download queue and episode lists
  • Fix for UI freeze when using iOS swipe back gesture to return to the podcast player view from the sleep timer or the web browser (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • Fix for marking an episode as "played" in some scenarios when a playback error occurs
  • Additional minor bug fixes and UI updates
v2.8.11 - October 30, 2013
  • Fix for the display location of the play progress slider in iOS 7.0.3
  • Fix for infinite "Preparing" notification when loading the podcast player view (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • Fix for episode playback resuming during phone calls
  • Only disable the iOS swipe back gesture if Downcast’s gestures are enabled (iPhone/iPod Touch)
v2.8.10 - October 20, 2013
  • Fix for feed refresh and episode download sound effects not playing while Downcast is in the foreground
  • Re-added sound effects for beginning feed refreshing and individual episode downloads
  • Fix for distorted audio after iOS plays an audio notification with volume adjustment set to a value other than 0 in Downcast's settings
  • Ensure video episodes are played as audio if a play command is issued via remote control or gesture when the video player is not displayed
  • Prevent the iOS 7 "swipe back" gesture on the audio podcast player view to avoid conflicts with the media skip gesture (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • Fix for delayed audio or silence when changing audio route in iOS 7 when playback speed is set to a value other than 1x
  • Prevent gestures from being recognized when tapping the toolbar or audio skip buttons (iPad)
v2.8.9 - October 9, 2013
  • UI updates and fixes for iOS 7
  • If episodes are detected from a single podcast during feed refreshing, the podcast’s name is included in the new episodes notification
  • Improved background app refresh
    • Episodes can be downloaded during background app refresh
    • Feeds refreshing now obeys the scheduled automatic refresh interval setting
  • Improved responsiveness of the volume slider on iPad
  • Updated feed refresh and download sound effects so they will respect the iOS "Do Not Disturb" setting
  • Fix for posting to Evernote w/o a tag
v2.8.8 - September 18, 2013
  • Updated user interface for iOS 7
  • Support for Background App Refresh
  • Updated how current time is published to the lock screen and external devices to resolve issues with some car stereos when playing episodes at > 1x speed
v2.8.7 - August 28, 2013
  • Corrected the width of the description label when no release date is available for a podcast search result
  • Fix for toolbar displayed on the "Now Playing" screen on startup if the startup view is set to a playlist or podcast episode list
  • [Hopefully] Resolved issue that could cause newly detected episodes to be auto-deleted in some cases
v2.8.6 - August 15, 2013
  • Modified how "now playing" information is published to external devices to hopefully resolve a crashing issue
  • Fixed toolbar location when running Downcast (compiled with the iOS 6 SDK) under iOS 7
  • Fixed duplicate episode URL when sharing via email
  • Converted to ARC
v2.8.5 - August 1, 2013
  • Stopped syncing episode play position when periodically auto-saving play position during playback (this should improve battery performance and avoid some iCloud syncing conflicts)
  • iCloud syncing improvements when detecting new episodes during feed refreshes
  • Fixed bugs in mp3/ID3 chapter detection
  • Added support for images and URLs defined in mp3/ID3 chapters
  • Improved chapter navigation (previous/next) when the current play position is not within a chapter
  • Reverted change made in v2.8.4 that would allow episodes that ended early to be marked as played. Now if playback ends more than 2 minutes before the end of the episode, it will not be marked as played.
v2.8.4 - July 7, 2013
  • Updated app icon and logo images
  • Removed links to
  • Nested categories are now indicated on podcast and episode details views
  • Episodes with publication dates in the future that don't have media files defined are now ignored when parsing feeds
  • Improved episode syncing conflict resolution
  • Fixed bug that prevented new podcasts synced in from iCloud from being associated with the proper playlists
  • Display an activity indicator if iCloud syncing cannot be initialized immediately
  • Episodes are now marked as played even if their playback ends earlier than expected
v2.8.3 - May 11, 2013
  • Dropped support for iOS 4
  • New feed refresh status indicator for iPhone/iPod Touch, which is visible on almost all views
  • Improved formatting of episode and podcast descriptions
  • Changed the "Back" button on the iPhone podcast player view to always show "Back" rather than the title of the view controller below the podcast player
  • Allow feed refreshes to continue in the background as long as Downcast is allowed to run in the background
  • Support for sharing to Google+
  • Fixed bug that allowed streaming episodes over Wi-Fi in some scenarios when "Stream On Wi-Fi Only" was enabled
  • Fixed bug that could cause podcast images disappear
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes and improvements
v2.8.2 - March 13, 2013
  • Moved feed progress indicator from the status bar to alternative locations due to App Store rejection for violating the App Review Guidelines
  • Fixed bug that prevented posting to Tumblr
  • Better handling of chapter titles, including URL titles, within chapters
  • Explicitly detect .webm files as unsupported
  • Improved label for unplayable enclosures
  • Fixed shrinking download button in toolbar on player view on iPad
  • Last version that supports iOS 4
v2.8.1 - February 27, 2013
  • Enlarging the podcast image now only takes up as much screen as the large gesture area so playback controls can still be accessed
  • Fix for a "frozen" UI after allowing playback to end with the episode image enlarged (the full screen hidden and disabled toggle button prevented interaction with the visible UI)
  • Clear now playing info center when playback ends in an attempt to solve crashes during transitions between episodes
  • Respond to "play" commands as "playOrPause" since some Bluetooth devices only send "play" commands (instead of "pause" or "playOrPause")
  • Allow resuming playback via remote control even if interrupted by another app
  • Fix for copy/define menu not working after looking up a word in the iOS dictionary
  • Prevent locally imported files from being converted to streams
  • Slightly shorter sleep timer fade out time; Fixed bug that caused audio to fade in after the sleep timer fired
  • Changed "Add Podcasts" tab label to just "Add"
  • Tools section: Use activity indicator instead of alert views where appropriate.
  • Removed "Clear Social Logins" option.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error on the first OPML export to the documents directory
  • Better handling of large statusbar on video player (during phone calls or sharing Wi-Fi)
  • Better detection of multiple titles within chapters
v2.8.0 - February 13, 2013
  • Support multiple concurrent episode downloads (options for 1 to 3) + syncing the setting via iCloud
  • Removed MediaGauge/ services
  • Properly load links from episode details view on iPad
  • Updated RSS parsing to choose a "valid/supported" enclosure URL when more than one exists per episode
  • When refreshing a podcast feed, only update the existing episode with an updated enclosure URL if the existing episode is not local or the new enclosure URL is not blank. To avoid user confusion we never want to clear out the enclosure URL for a local episode.
  • Reconfigure visible cells after a row move (during editing of playlists) to preserve alternating row colors
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to tap the invisible episode image button when no episode was loaded into the player (iPad)
  • New icons for "Podcasts", "Playlists", "Add Podcasts", "Downloads" and "Chapters" buttons
v2.7.15 - January 8, 2013
  • Rebranded to MediaGauge
  • Improved stability of MediaGauge
  • Updated the widescreen/aspect button on the video player to look more "standard"
  • Better crash detection on startup
  • Fixed bug that prevented enlarging the episode image on the player view while the device was in portrait orientation while upside down
  • Improved detection of invalid media types for downloaded episodes
  • Ensure imported episode database records are deleted when the associated media file is deleted
  • Fixed setting of accessibility labels on built-in web browser
  • Flipped the order of "Include Locked" and "Include Non-Local" on playlist settings view
  • Longer fade out time for sleep timer (10 seconds)
  • Detect and ignore invalid jpegs embedded in media files
  • Fix for detecting OPML files when adding podcasts by URL (we weren't detect encoding)
  • Better handling of seeking to the correct position when starting playback (especially for AirPlay to Apple TV)
  • Improved workaround for iOS API bug that causes resuming playback of episodes at incorrect positions when playing at > 1x
  • Fixed saving of wrong play position when skipping media files due to Wi-Fi connection
  • Better handling of "Wi-Fi Only" behavior, including not considering a lack of internet connection to violate this setting, properly handling "next" and "previous" episode playing as well as "Now Playing" episode status on startup
  • Properly continuously play when skipping stream-over-wi-fi-only episodes
  • Fixed bug that would cause episodes to be locked when converting to/from download/stream
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
v2.7.14 - December 5, 2012
  • Support for iOS 6 Facebook sharing
  • Changes to user agent to fix subscribing to Engadget podcast feeds and for downloading podcast episodes hosted on
  • Fix for stream errors caused by attempting to load mp3/ID3 chapters during initial stream loading
  • Resume episode playback after pausing due to lack of play buffer
  • Always play video episodes as videos when explicitly tapped from lists (don't obey "play as audio" in these situations)
  • When creating playlists, default settings now "include" locked episodes
  • Properly detect media validity and video status when importing media files via URL
  • User the standard activity indicator when importing media files via URL
  • Add episodes with missing downloaded media to the download queue automatically (useful after an iOS restore)
  • Better detection of metadata when importing media files (both local and via URL)
  • User feed URL as podcast title (instead of "New Podcast") when no podcast name is available
v2.7.13 - November 20, 2012
  • Added support for ID3/mp3 chapters
  • Moved storage of passwords to iOS Keychain
  • Changed user agent string in an attempt to improve download performance (some servers seem to throttle speed based on user agent)
  • Improved filename used when sending non audio/video files to other apps
  • Only append "suggested" filename extension to downloads if the suggested extension doesn't match the existing one
v2.7.12 - November 14, 2012
  • Stop automatic feed refreshes when moving from Wi-Fi to cellular when Wi-Fi Only is enabled
  • Stop streaming episodes when we lose Wi-Fi during playback when "Wi-Fi Only" streaming is enabled
  • Allow multi-episode sharing with computer
  • New option for importing media files via URL
  • Fixed display of sleep timer popover on iPad when device rotation occurs
  • Fixed display of sleep timer picker on iPad in iOS 4.x
  • Fix for updating podcast feeds via permanent URL redirections: only the first redirection should be examined for permanence
  • Fix for incorrect play position when resuming videos via AirPlay
  • Fix for problems subscribing to ZDF podcasts
v2.7.11 - October 31, 2012
  • New option: Stream episodes over Wi-Fi only
  • Fixed crash when enabling iCloud syncing in certain scenarios
  • Support updating (and syncing) podcast feed URLs when a permanent redirection is detected
  • Fix for corrupt display of sleep timer picker when viewing sleep timer view in landscape mode
  • Download timeout notification sound now respects the "Downloads" sound effect setting
  • Remove HTML tags when sharing podcasts/episodes via SMS
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
v2.7.10 - October 11, 2012
  • Fix for bug where the video player would move behind the audio player when the external display was removed (affected only iPhone)
  • Properly respect the "should resume" flag when an audio interruption ends
  • More aggressive syncing of global, playlist and podcast settings
  • Added support for enabling/disabling individual local notifications
  • Video view now respects portrait lock
  • New option to prevent upside down while portrait lock is enabled
  • Fix for missing episode URL when sharing via email
  • Don't access contacts on location refreshing view until the Contacts button is tapped
  • New startup view option: Load "Now Playing" view on startup
  • Fix for refreshing feeds over cellular due to a location change when "Wi-Fi only" automatic feed refreshes are enabled
  • Fix for enlarging episode image on 4" screen on iPhone player view
  • Use more precise seeking within episodes
  • Stop media playback while seeking when VoiceOver is enabled to prevent media errors
  • Made it easier to trigger pull-to-refresh in landscape mode on iPhone (shorter vertical distance required)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
v2.7.9 - September 30, 2012
  • Removed support for pcast:// URL scheme (per App Store requirement)
  • Support upside down orientation on iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Improved accessibility labels ("double tap" rather than "tap"), including setting the proper text for the sleep timer countdown label and the infoClassic UIBarButton item
  • Always allow enlarging of episode image on iPad
  • Ignore remote control commands when the media file is not ready for play
  • Fix for crash related to updating footer information in several views
v2.7.8 - September 21, 2012
  • Support for iPhone 5 (4-inch screen)
  • New setting: Rotation/Portrait lock
  • New setting: Enable automatic feed refreshing on Wi-Fi only
  • New setting: Sort podcast list and playlists list
  • Removed support for playback speeds: 1.25x, 1.75x, 2.5x and 2.75x and for the remaining speeds, used rates that are actually supported by the iOS APIs
  • Publication dates are now shown on the main podcasts list
  • Publication dates are now shown in "Top Podcasts" lists
  • Publication dates are now shown on podcast search result details view
  • New "share" icon (consistent with Apple's "share" icon)
  • New "actions" icon
  • New "info" ("i") button for viewing episode information
  • New icon on episode rows that indicates played/unplayed/in-progress
  • New standard button style
  • Indicate partially played status on episode details view
  • Chapter names, if available, are now displayed on lock screen and external devices
  • Chapter names, if available, are now displayed on the video player
  • Indicate errored downloads when notifying that all episodes have downloaded (local notification)
  • The auto-lock timer is re-enabled when pausing videos (previously, the idle timer was disabled as long as a video was displayed, regardless of play state)
  • Fixed iCloud sync bug that prevented episodes from properly downloading/streaming when "restoring" podcasts via iCloud syncing
  • Faster processing of episode sync files
  • Total known size of queued downloads is now shown in the download queue footer
  • Changed to JPG for storage of podcast and episode artwork (PNG was previously used)
  • Display of cumulative episode time in episode lists and playlists now show "time left" rather than "total running time" (total time is displayed if all episodes are played)
  • Better handling of streaming videos from podcasts that incorrectly identify their episodes as audio within their feeds
  • Disable invalid podcast settings and features for imported podcasts "subscriptions"
  • Removed support for iOS versions earlier than 4.3, which are no longer supported by Xcode
  • Many other bug fixes
v2.7.7 - August 21, 2012
  • Trim log files before displaying them to prevent crashes due to memory usage
  • Fixed bug that would cause the activity indicator spinner to be hidden
  • Properly use "watching" or "listening to" when sharing episode details from the player view
  • Properly handle sharing of imported episodes and podcasts
  • The user is now alerted when a feed cannot be refreshed due to an authentication failure
  • Allow processing of up to 1000 episodes in a podcast feed if device has at least 512 MB of RAM
  • Support itpc:// and feed:// URL schemes
  • Show progress indicator when importing OPMLs and feeds from other apps
  • Imported episodes' default descriptions are now set to a message indicating the date/time they were imported if no description text is available
  • Fixed bug that prevented downloading of episodes in some scenarios when refreshing feeds in the background based on location change
  • Fixed crashes when streaming episodes with unknown durations
v2.7.6 - August 7, 2012
  • New feature: Support for refreshing podcast feeds baed on location (even while in the background)
  • Limit full size podcast artwork image size to improve performance
  • Better handling of feeds that contain duplicate globally unique identifiers
  • Fix for "Media Errors" when viewing episode details while an episode is playing
  • No longer require "Only New" when including "Non-Local" episodes in playlists
  • Fixed various bugs with displaying "Now Playing" information on external devices such as car stereos and Apple TV
v2.7.5 - July 29, 2012
  • Improvements to podcast/episode sharing, including Tumblr support
  • Interface speed improvements, especially on older devices and for users with large numbers of podcast subscriptions
  • Variable speed scrubbing is now more precise at the farthest distance
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • iCloud syncing fixes
  • Fix for display of accented characters
  • Handle episodes that use the tag for descriptions with no description or encoded data tags
  • Fix for display of episode durations in iOS 6
  • Fix for long/infinite "Preparing" messages when beginning episode playback
  • Improved podcast discovery behavior to allow agile response to changes in content provided by external sources
  • Exit "Edit" mode automatically after performing multi-episode actions
  • Fixes to stabilize running under iOS 6 Beta 1
  • Fixed bug that would prevent some videos from streaming properly
  • Gracefully handle missing downloaded media files (most likely caused by restoring Downcast from backup when "Media Backup" was not enabled)
  • Marking an episode as "played" from the player view while it is paused no longer automatically plays next episode in the list
  • Updated background behavior to allow downloads to continue as long as a podcast episode is playing
  • Multi episode selection in episode lists and playlists
  • Quick action options for episodes (tap and hold on an episode row)
  • Option to select startup view (podcast list, playlist list, specific playlist or specific podcast)
  • New playlist episode filter: include locked episodes
  • iCloud syncing bug fixes
  • Fix for streaming errors experienced by some users
  • Fix for inability to subscribe via "Top Podcasts" lists
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks
  • iCloud bug fixes
  • Detect errors when downloading episodes while connected to captive Wi-Fi networks
  • Better posting to Twitter in iOS 4.x
  • Show the appropriate podcast image when posting to Facebook
  • Information about new episodes is displayed on "feed refresh complete" notices
  • Podcast list title can now be tapped to trigger feed refresh (most useful for VoiceOver users)
  • Support for service
  • Many other minor bug fixes
  • iCloud syncing fixes
  • Fixed bug preventing display of lyrics on player view
  • Fixed rare problem posting to Evernote
  • Fixed crashes when playing videos in iOS 4.x
  • Added option to import items from the iOS Media Library
  • Added support for displaying chapter titles and links on player view
  • Chapter lists now include chapter duration
  • Many other bug fixes and tweaks
  • Updated for iPad Retina display
  • Support for importing media through iTunes File Share and other iOS apps
  • Fixed some iCloud syncing bugs
  • Better handling of episode download errors
  • Improved feed refresh time for some podcasts
  • Improved playlist settings for clarity and to prevent users from choosing conflicting settings
  • Support for sharing to Evernote
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements
  • Fix for UI freezes on startup
  • Prevent accidental media skip when using notification center
  • Improved playlist loading time for playlists with large numbers of episodes
  • Improved sharing features, including support for native Twitter integration
  • Episode author is now displayed, when relevant
  • Added support for subscribing to feeds through downcast:// and pcast://
  • New option to explicitly enable/disable continuous playback per podcast & playlist
  • New option for disabling looping of episode lists and playlists
  • Added local notifications for completed downloads, paused downloads due to background time limit and feed refresh completion
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix issues playing video in the background
  • Added option to enable/disable "priority play" behavior
  • Added explicit "Playback Speed" option in Settings
  • Episode description is now displayed in episode lists and playlists (iPhone)
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements
  • Fix for problems downloading episodes from certain podcasts (due to URL encoding problems)
  • Fix for bug that prevented playback from resuming after phone calls and Siri activation
  • Playlists are now grouped (playable/empty), with the option to hide empty playlists
  • Playlist position is now shown on the player view
  • Allow use of player controls while large gesture area is enabled (iPad)
  • Content viewed in the embedded browser is now shareable
  • Ability to set custom artwork for podcasts
  • Ability to download episodes without subscribing to a podcast
  • New podcast option to prevent auto-refreshing its podcast feed
  • New playlist option to ignore playlist priority
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Fix for broken forward/reverse buttons
  • Fix for stalled feed refreshes in certain scenarios
  • Fix for detection of embedded media images in certain scenarios
  • Dramatically increased speed of feed refreshes
  • Fixed a bug that caused downloads to stall in rare instances
  • Changed media skip setting intervals to 5 seconds (from 15)
  • Media files are no longer included in iOS backups by default
  • New setting to allow media files to be included in iOS backups
  • iCloud syncing improvements

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